Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Well, the test was yesterday. I know I can't disclose anything here but BOY OH BOY--only one section seemed really tough and it was a duplicate so I am really hoping (praying) that it was the variable section!! Logic Games have become my strong point in pretests BUT there is always an occassional one that I miss-read and end up with wrong answers because of it--well, it happened on the test! Luckily I caught it and fixed it and still had time to complete the entire section. The next three weeks are going to take forever!

As we were all standing around at the test site waiting to register (with plastic baggies in hand!) one kid was praying the rosary--I thought "good deal, we all could probably use a little extra faith today!" When he finished he kept trying to make funny lawyer jokes and he referring to the group at "future attorneys." Alphabetically he was (of course) right next to me durring the test. As we were getting settled he engaged in nervous chatter--asking me what I was planning to specialize in--my first thought was "shouldn't we at least get there first" but I decided to play nice. I said "family law--child advocate kind of stuff" and he responded with "I pegged you for family law--you have that look." My question for you is what is "that look"--do I look like a mom--is it screaming from my very pores? Maybe that is why I can't get a date??? Oh--and this guy--totally did NOT peg him for import/export law--he is planning to take over his uncles law firm one day. How lucky is that!

The school that I was accepted to offers new students a rather larger scholarship based on GPA and/or LSAT score without which I will be unable to attend school. I have looked into a couple of other scholarship options out there but most of the deadlines passed already. I may be able to find some money for next year but I am afraid that I will be out of luck this year. I may have to either defer my admission or just give up on the idea all together if my LSAT score didn't improve drastically...Three more weeks and I will know... Oh, and I sent an email to my schools fin aid department asking if there were any avenues for additional money that I may not have checked--other options that they knew of and all I got back was "Grad students do not have as many options as undergrad students."--which amounts to NOTHING! People kept telling me to ask fin aid because they often have options available to those who are desperate--well, not my school!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I got accepted!!!

I got my admissions packet yesterday from the only school I applied to!! It was a little iffy due to my low LSAT score--luckily I have a good GPA! I am still taking the LSAT again in 2 weeks (ahhhhh) for scholarship reasons (I have to have a significant amount paid through scholarship or I won't be going to school...) I still haven't told my boss BUT I figure I can wait to see if I actually get the scholarship and put in my resignation at that time--That will give them 2 months to hire someone and for me to train them (right now I am their only employee and the only one who knows how to do my job in the office.) I am really excited but also scared...

Quiting a job and starting school on a maybe is a huge step. I am pretty big on taking relatively safe steps in life and this one is not so safe--it's like walking along a cliff with a blindfold on! My mom is the classic pessimist--she tries to be positive and fails--"What if you quit your job and flunk out, what will you do them?"--Ummm, go back to selling glasses and asking for forbearance's on my loans every year--nothing ventured, nothing gained Mom... They are paying my seat/tuition deposit for me so I have that I guess--they want to help and they want me to succeed, they are just worried about how much it will cost them if I fail, LOL. I am planning to have my check out to the school this week and then contact the fin. aid department to see what they can do for me--with or without the improved LSAT score, just to see where I stand...

You know, I used to be this very decisive, stubborn, "I can do whatever I want, whenever I want" kinda girl--where did she go??