Monday, August 18, 2008

Almost there...

Orientation is next week. I'm a bit frustrated only because my employer has yet to hire someone so there may not be anyone to work for me. It is crazy that this is happening and I just have to put it out of my mind--it is no longer my problem, right? I gave them sufficient notice, I even agreed to stay on part-time as long as it doesn't affect my grades...they have to keep in mind that I could've quit altogether and then where would they be?

Okay--on to more fun stuff! I think I have the whole briefing cases idea down--we'll see how I did when I actually get to orientation. I am planning to tackle the first week of school work this week and then if I find out I am missing any vital element I can just add it in stuff?!

My kids are growing antsy and are very ready for school to start! My DD is going to be in high school and my DS is in 3rd grade. They both agreed to accept more responsibilies around the house from now on--so far so good since DD is doing laundry today. I think they are about as prepared as I am for this step--we really don't know how much of my time will be taken up until we're in the midst of it all!

Orientation on the 27th for me--I already go into a cold sweat just thinking about it!

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