Thursday, May 29, 2008

Practice test

I took a practice test this am and did amazing! Well, amazing for me. See, I took the LSAT in December and didn't do so great (142) BUT, I took it on a whim. I wasn't sure if I was really going to go to law school (the whole single mom quiting her job thing...) and I didn't really take it seriously, I only took one practice test and I only read the LSAT Super prep book. If you think of it on that level, the Dec. LSAT was really only my second "practice" test. I want my June score to be 163+ (for scholarship reasons) My practice test today was...160!! I got an almost perfect score on the logic games section (which I didn't do so great on in Dec.) which is what I have been really concentrating on. I am planning to study the Logical Reasoning and Reading Comp sections more this weekend and try to pull 2-3 practice tests between now and Monday morning (this is my kid free weekend) and work on getting the score up even more.

I am so excited that this is actually working, that my studying is actually paying off. The only way that I can make school work is to get a big scholarship and then use loans for living expenses. I keep telling myself that succeeding at this means that my income level will increase (even with a low paying law-job, my income is not fabulous) and this will all be worth the effort (but it is still hard to swallow--quiting work on a maybe...) If my practice tests are any indication it looks like I might be going to law school in the near future!

(BTW: I do know that I can work while going to law school BUT I won't be able to do my current job--it is completely inflexible and they are very dependent on me to be here every day (since I am their only full time employee!))

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3L Wannabe said...

you can do it girl - come on, we need you over here in the crazy law school moms pool!!!