Thursday, July 3, 2008

LSAT scores are in

And I am not really excited...I did do better but not studying my butt off better...I don't get it, my pretest scores were in the range that I was looking for and this was nowhere near. Now I have to decide if I want to
  1. Work through law school
  2. Try to sell my house and move my kids into 'low income housing'
  3. Give up all together on the idea of law school
  4. Defer my enrollment to next fall and use the year to try to get some scholarships and cash money together (and pay off my car/other misc. bills) and/or take the LSAT a third (or 4th or 5th) time!


lawmom said...

I am sorry it didn't go well. It didn't go well for me either. But hey you did get accepted for some that is the hard part.

3L Wannabe said...

Don't give up. If you are accepted somewhere, give it your best shot. Have you thought about going part-time, since money seems to be at issue? That option works for lots of single moms, and it might help you be sure of your decision, because law school is nothing like the LSAT. In some ways it is a million times harder and in other ways much easier. At any rate, it might be good to look into the part-time program?

law(crazy)mom said...

I have considered part time but I keep going back and forth on options and what I really want. This is what I keep coming back to--I want to be able to help my daughter pay for undergrad/med school in 4+ years--I don't want to have to take out loans at the same time she is (although I hope she gets some great scholarships!) and I want to get out of the field that I am in, soon... All of this points to full time classes. I think I can make a full time school/part time work schedule work. I also found a single mom full time student/part time beauty consultant blog and I am planning to talk to her about her successes/failures and what she wishes she had done differently--we'll see... Thanks for your encouragement--I needed it!